Sinead Kearney Lyme Treatment Fund Committee (SKLTFC) Constitution

At a meeting in Rathcormac Hall on 18th May 2015 a group of people from the community of Rathcormac & Bartlemy gathered to consider how the they could support Sinead Kearney who sufferers from chronic Lyme Disease and is in urgent need of specialised medical treatment in the USA.

Her parents Maurice and Claire outlined the extent of her illness and the various medical treatments and operations she has undergone in the preceding four years.

It was agreed to set up the Sinead Kearney Lyme Treatment Fund Committee (SKLTFC) and the following are to be the initial members.

  • Helen Arnold, Bartlemy
  • Mary Connor, Monanig
  • Noreen Hartnett, Ballyreidy
  • Fr Michael Leamy, Rathcormac
  • Kathleen O'Regan, Mondaniel

  • John Arnold, Garryantaggart
  • Conor Gurrin, Ballynanelagh
  • Ger Lane, Bridgelands
  • Tom Mulcahy, Gortroe
  • Richie O'Regan, Terramount

Members who joined during the term
Siobhan Cashman, Ballinahina
Marie Arnold, Shanowen

Chairperson:       Kathleen O'Regan
Secretary:           Helen Arnold
Treasurers:         Noreen Hartnett and Richie O'Regan
Quorum:             half + one = 7

Bank Account
Sinead Kearney Lyme Treatment Fund
Bank of Ireland, Fermoy, Co. Cork.
902864 / 93983594

Any two of: Noreen Hartnett, Richie O'Regan, Kathleen O'Regan, Helen Arnold.

The main objective of SKLTFC is to offer the support of the community to Sinead Kearney and her family in funding medical treatment to improve her quality of life including the following:

  • Financial assistance to cover medical care, travel, accommodation and subsistence for trip to Stram Centre for Integrative Medicine in Delmar USA planned for July 2015 based on producing evidence of the relevant expenses.
  • Further financial assistance as Sinead may require either while in the USA or subsequently.
  • Practical and moral support to Sinead, her siblings and her parents.

Once 12 months has elapsed from the last payment to Sinead, the committee shall convene a special meeting to consider how any remaining funds should be distributed. (See note below re Distribution of Funds)

The committee shall meet as regularly as required to discharge their duties.
All decisions shall be taken by a simple majority and in the event of a tie then it shall be resolved by the casting vote of the Chairperson.
Members shall be obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality in respect of all matters discussed or decided and shall be bound by the majority decision of the committee.

All offers of fundraising shall be considered by the committee and those deemed suitable shall be supported and promoted by the committee. All funds raised shall be lodged to SKLTFC bank account at Bank of Ireland as detailed above.

Members may resign or retire during the period of office by giving one months notice to the chairperson or secretary.

The committee may co-opt an additional member as required, who may have a particular skill or talent that the committee agree, by majority decision, would benefit the particular project or application under consideration.

Where the members of the committee is reduced during any period, whether by the death of a member or the resignation or retirement of a member then the remaining members shall be entitled to continue where there are 6 remaining members. But when the number of members is reduced to 5 remaining members, then those remaining members shall call a public meeting for the purpose of electing committee members to fill the vacancies, so as to increase the committee to no more than 12 people or those 5 members may elect to wind up the Fund/Committee.

In the event that Fr Michael Leamy is moved to another Parish, the incoming Parish Priest shall be invited to fill the vacancy created on the committee.

The members shall not receive any payment for any services rendered as a committee member but shall be entitled to reimbursement for any out of pocket expenses which have been properly incurred, subject to committee approval.

Each committee member shall carry out their function and duties to the best of their ability and they shall act honestly and responsibly but shall not be liable for any loss not attributable to the individual member's own dishonesty or to the willful commission by a member of any act known to be a breach of trust.

In the event that any officer wishes to resign or retire from the position of Chairperson, Secretary or Joint Treasurer they shall be entitled to do so while still remaining as members of the committee and any vacancy arising shall be filled by election among the members.

Nothing in the Constitution is intended to, or shall operate to, create a partnership between the Organisation and the Members, or to authorise either party to act as agent for the other.

Distribution Of Funds
Payments will be made directly to the provider or to Maurice & Claire Kearney bank account once receipts/invoices are provided to either of the joint treasurers and as approved by the committee.

In the event of the termination or dissolution of the Organisation, all funds and assets remaining after due settlement of all liabilities, shall be distributed in such proportions as the Committee may determine by committee decision or simple

Once one year has elapsed from the formation of SKLTFC, information on funding collected and payments made will be made available either by public meeting or via
our website.

All queries and comments can be e-mailed to Committee Secretary Helen Arnold at

Communications will be considered at the next committee meeting and responded to in a timely manner.