Sinead Kearney Lyme Treatment Fund Committee (SKLTFC)
Committee Member Code of Conduct

Strive to attend all meetings, sending apologies to the chair for necessary absences 

Prepare for the meeting by reading the agenda, papers and any emails before the meeting 

Talk to the chair before the meeting if you need to clarify anything

Arrive on time & stay to the end

Participate fully in the meeting;

a. Listen to what others have to say and keep an open mind
b. Contribute positively to the discussions
c. Try to be concise

Help others concentrate on the meeting. Discourage side conversations

Have the best interests of the organisation/beneficiaries in mind at all times

Draw attention to any potential conflicts of interest that may arise in the meeting

Be mindful of the purpose of the committee and do not do anything to damage the reputation of the group

Things discussed at meetings should be kept confidential

Fulfill any responsibilities assigned to you at the meeting and be prepared to report back on your progress at the next meeting